The molded fine-grained graphite produced by our company has the advantages of high density, high strength, high purity, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, small coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance, self lubrication, good conductivity, easy fine machining and so on. It is used in diamond tools, cemented carbide, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy sintering, profile and wire manufacturing of copper, aluminum and steel industry, polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon industry, semiconductor industry, solar cell industry, lithium battery positive and negative pole production, glass industry, mechanical seal and bearing manufacturing, EDM, aviation, aviation, nuclear industry and other industries and fields. It is used for processing sintering mould, sintering box, boat, plate, heater, radiator, condenser, graphite bolt, nut, graphite bearing, seal, glass graphite mould, graphite casting cross piece, crystallizer, etc.
Since its establishment, our company has been guided by domestic and foreign markets, and has been committed to using artificial graphite materials as an opportunity to develop and produce high-performance,fine grain graphite materials.Expand the research and development, production and fine processing of graphite-based composite materials, carbon-based composite materials, carbon-carbon (C/C) composite materials, carbon-ceramic composite materials and special graphite materials.Provide customers with the best quality solutions.
Inner Mongolia Tianlong Graphite Co., Ltd. Which is a subsidiary of Muzi Carbon Group.It is an enterprise mainly producing molded fine structure graphite and graphite-based and carbon-based composite materials, and is the only enterprise in Inner Mongolia that produces this product.The company is located in Houhe Industrial Park area B, Chengguan Town, Xinghe County, Ulanchabu City, Inner Mongolia. currently has 150 employees.